HR Leaders

2017 Home Run Board

HRs at Joe Wagner

Brian Sternberger, Athletics: 6

Olie DeGraeve, Tigers: 3

Rocco Brichler, Athletics: 2

Gus Squire, Athletics: 2

Johnny Squire, Athletics: 2

Matt Greco, Tigers: 2

Fisher Burke, Tigers: 1

Jake Vasquez, White Sox: 1

Bruce Bruchler, Braves: 1

Brady Weingart, White Sox: 1

Matteo Cingolani, Tigers: 1

Jack Temple, Red Sox: 1

Bodhi Bartle, White Sox: 1

Jack Corvi, Red Sox: 1

Liam Parrot, Giants: 1

Liam "Big Lee" Gardner, White Sox: 1

Jude Baker, White Sox: 1

Hayden Gerber, Braves: 1

Blake Langs, Braves: 1

HRs at Konnie Knudsen in Sausalito*

Rocco Brichler, Athletics: 2

Solomon Fragakis, Red Sox: 2

Sammy Kimball, Red Sox: 1

Bodhi Bartle, White Sox: 1

Will Pharis, White Sox: 1

Liam "Big Lee" Gardner, White Sox: 1

Gus Squire, Athletics: 1

Johnny Squire, Athletics: 1

Liam Parrot, Giants: 1

Joseph Weil, Braves: 1

Kitt Fricke, Cubs: 1

Nicholas Gehrman, Cubs: 1

HRs at Cove*

Greg Goldstein, White Sox (Minors): 1

Connor Guerra, Giants (Minors): 1

Alex Buck, Athletics (Minors): 1

Troy Volpentest, Cubs: 1

Gavin Edelen, Cubs: 1

* Note that home runs hit at Konnie and Cove do not count towards eligibility to participate in the Home Run Derby.


2016 Home Run Derby Champion: Oliver Howard

Runner-Up: Matthew Jessen









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