Player Development

Examples of teaching objectives and expected level of play by division


Position names and locations, basic fielder assignments, base running basics, batter's box orientation, batting stance/grip, direct downward swing plane, basic catching zones and glove position (forehand/backhand/high/low), fielding grounders, proper ball grip, proper throw, playing catch correctly


Improve T-Ball concepts, force outs vs. tag outs, intermediate base running and decisions, intermediate fielder assignments, basic load in synch with live pitcher (gentle coach-pitch), defensive situational awareness


Improve Farm concepts, comfort with hard ball, machine-pitching (more velocity and distance), catching fly balls/basic OF skills, moving to field ground balls, extra base hits and base running/sliding, pitch selection, catcher position and safety, cutoffs/relays, tagging up


Improve Rookie concepts, comfort hitting live pitching, secondary leads/steals, reading passed balls and batted balls, improve cuts/relays, intermediate catcher skills, proper tagging of runners at bases, reading signs, managing at-bats, basic pitching mechanics and grips (2-seam, 4-seam, changeup), basic OF play, hierarcy of positions, handling winning and losing


Improve Minors concepts, comfort with fast pitching and hard hit balls, advanced rules (infield fly, interference, obstruction, rundowns, first and third defenses, situational hitting, hitting breaking balls, bunting mechanics, intermediate OF play, hitting for power, pitching command

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